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Who will be the 600th hit on my counter? I’m actually really impressed by this and as I’ve said before, none of my visits to my own page (to check the upload or whatever) count towards that number. And considering I don’t post a link in my instant messenger or anything, that’s quite a lot of hits!
Maybe I should give a prize to the 600th person. You know, make confetti rain down on them as soon as they enter the site. Or I could bake that person a cake. Give them a new car… make them throw a football through a tiny hole 50 yards away. No wait, someone’s already doing that.
So yeah, I guess you will just have to be satisfied with my undying gratitude, for taking that ticker just one more pace.
And if I recognize your IP I just might give you a shout out ๐Ÿ™‚
Now isn’t that worth clicking for?
I thought so!

Making some updatesโ€ฆ

Not much new to say except that I just added 3 new pictures to my picture gallery bringing the total to a whopping 4 pictures. I’ve been working on something new for my gallery for a while but it isn’t coming along the way i’d like. Eventually, when I find about 3-4 days where I have absolutely nothing to do i’ll be creating my photography webpage but in the mean time this will have to do: New Pictures

The first two pictures were taking during the worst of Hurricane Wilma which really, didn’t end up being much of anything. Winds were about 50 mph with some higher gusts but after the storm blew past we were blessed with just about the most beautiful day of weather that I’ve seen in a very long time. I’m hoping the hurricanes are done for this season because i’m sick of them!

500 Posts!

Woohoo! Something Insightful has reached 500 posts! And incase anyone was wondering, when any of the computers I frequent visit my own site, it doesn’t get counted. Those are genuine numbers there! I thank you all for your frequent visitation ๐Ÿ™‚

Shameless Hinting for Comments

I check every day to see if anyone has left me a comment. I have to approve comments manually because if I didn’t, I’d have excessive quantites of links to online casinos and porn. So the other day I deleted over 70 spam comments. Not one from a person who wanted to say something to me. Sooooo….. come on readers (all 3 of you) say something!!!
I’m waiting!

Yeah, yeah, i’m still hereโ€ฆ

Alright, I’m around. But it’s been busy. Very busy. School started last week for teachers and on Monday for students. Let’s just say it hasn’t been going as smoothly as any of us would have liked. It’s going to be a tough year. For lack of a better point of comparions, it’s like putting stones in a tumbler. Eventually they’ll be nice and smooth, shiney, and pretty but for now they’re a sharp, rough mess. Unfortunately I am the tumbler and i’m getting a little beat up in the process!


Ok I just really liked my old banner better so I fixed it up by adding a Quotes link and went back to the original. I think I just like the colors better. Orange and Blue only really go together beautifully when they are accompanied by the head of a gator and are surrounded by football fans. Continue reading

New Design

I’m sure you’ll notice that I made a new banner for the page. I tried to adjust all the other pages to adapt the colors but it all just looked off so I decided to stick with the original colors which I like very much. And as far as the pictures in this banner– they are my own ๐Ÿ™‚

Well i’m a worrier so this whole hurricane thing has me on pins and needles. I don’t like to think about them but it’s pretty much on the news every 10 minutes. I love Florida but sometimes I don’t think I can stand the anxiety these storms cause… and I used to actually like summer.


Oh yeah, i’ve been forgetting… to keep you occupied while i’m on my hiatus, I’ve finally added my quotes page. There’s even a spot for you to add your own quote, if I like it enough ๐Ÿ˜‰
Go to ME and then it’s under QUOTES. See, that wasn’t hard now was it?!


It’s highly doubtful i’ll be updating in the next week or two but never fear, you three people a day who look at my site, i’ll be back ๐Ÿ™‚
Miss ya, mwah!

Nothing Much

You may not have even noticed (mwahaha!) that I added a counter at the bottom of my page and amazingly enough, people actually DO read my page! So I feel an obligation to my loyal fans to update every now and then. I’m becoming inspired to make some more cosmetic changes to the site itself to include adding a script or two to make things a little more fun. I’m also anxiously awaiting the purchase of my new digital camera which will hopefully jump start a brand new photo section. So hooray for that.
Moving on…
… actually, i’m going to make a whole new post… see above!

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