Who will be the 600th hit on my counter? I’m actually really impressed by this and as I’ve said before, none of my visits to my own page (to check the upload or whatever) count towards that number. And considering I don’t post a link in my instant messenger or anything, that’s quite a lot of hits!
Maybe I should give a prize to the 600th person. You know, make confetti rain down on them as soon as they enter the site. Or I could bake that person a cake. Give them a new car… make them throw a football through a tiny hole 50 yards away. No wait, someone’s already doing that.
So yeah, I guess you will just have to be satisfied with my undying gratitude, for taking that ticker just one more pace.
And if I recognize your IP I just might give you a shout out 🙂
Now isn’t that worth clicking for?
I thought so!

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