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A Blog Reborn

Well I haven’t posted much recently…. ok, I haven’t posted much at all this past year. But I’ve been busy you know? Growing a human child in one’s body takes work. Raising said child takes even more work but since billions of women have done that over the course of time I won’t complain or ask for sympathy. I would like to explain my absence. Ya see over the last several months I’ve probably thought of dozens and dozens of different blog topics but they all seemed silly and random after not posting for so long so I’ve decided, now that everyone seems to have a blog, that what I need to do is just get started again and go from there.

So here I go again…

Now Available Through RSS!

I don’t know what I was thinking. Really I don’t. I have the patience of a two year old right now (It’s the 6.5 months pregnant thing) and last night I was doing reading for my graduate course on RSS feeds which led me to the brilliant conclusion, “I need an RSS feed on my site!”

It seemed like an easy idea. Perhaps it was already there, I just needed to activate it or something. Right.

I found a plugin for RSS. Great. But it doesn’t work because I haven’t upgraded WordPress in oh, the last 2 or so years (it might have been 3). So I take a deep breath and decide if I don’t upgrade now it isn’t ever going to happen. So I follow the step by step very carefully. VERY CAREFULLY. And I manage to get everything transferred over except the theme– the part that makes my blog look like the rest of my website. So long story short you’ll see that the theme isn’t exactly as it was before but it’s close enough.

Funny thing is that even after ALL that the RSS thing still wasn’t working.

After tossing and turning all night, it finally came to me. I woke up this morning thinking. Should I even bother or should I just leave it alone?

Uh, right. Me? Leave something alone?! As if.

But I did get it figured out and if you mouseover the bar at the top of the page you should be able to subscribe to my blog. I like Bloglines personally but you can use any you like. And I just might update more often (might) so you should check it out!

Random Insight from Radio News

On Monday morning I was on my way to work. The radio news break mentioned something just as I was pulling into the parking lot about how a recent survey found more than 50% of American’s who are living together are unmarried.
Then this morning the news reported the population of our country has reached an estimated 300 million people.

This begs the question:
How’s that abstinance only sex education policy workin’ for ya, Gee Dub? One would think, if people were following your policy all these unmarried cohabitants would make the population decrease or at least stagnate.
I’m sorry, Gee Dub, stagnate was too big a word. Go look it up. Get back to me.

Comment Spam

I have started to receive about 100+ comment spams per day. This is the reason why you don’t see your comment immediately after you post it– because I have it set so I have to approve it first, otherwise i’d have a million worthless spam comments. Anyway, if you have posted one recently and don’t see it up, let me know via email and try again.

Still Here

Eh, I don’t know where the days go anymore. It seems like all I do is work and sleep work and sleep. I know somehow that that’s not truly the case but I can’t seem to figure out where the rest of the time goes. Anyway, keep on checkin’ in because I haven’t gone anywhere.

So let me tell you about something that irks me…
Parents who send their kids to school sick.
Atleast 75-80% of the kids at school have been sick over the last two weeks. This could technically be considered an epidemic. On Monday we had almost 25% of the school population absent on one day. The unfortunate thing is that most of those kids returned the following day hacking, coughing, sneezing, and puking.
Why? I ask.
I feel like I need to wear a gas mask to work and collect hazard pay.
Now I know that the parents side of this is that you can’t always take off work to stay home with your sick child but there has to be some other solution than sending a child with a 103 degree fever out the door to be looked after by the teachers. They’re just going to get sent home anyway. So why not keep them home in the first place rather than sending them to school for a few hours to infect everyone else?
I say we close the school.
In the meantime i’ll be off buying more bottles of hand sanatizer…


Alrighty, not too bad. I got myself a brand spankin’ new layout!! I’m very proud of this one because I did 90% of the changes through css which was time consuming at the time but made things much easier tonight. More importantly however, the photographs of the purple hydrangea used in the banner picture were taken by me. For as much as I adore photography, it was irritating to no end that the tulips from before were not my own. I had high hopes of doing a different sort of layout but until I can figure out how to stand in the middle of the highway, those pictures are not available.

Well, finally off to bed!
Enjoy 🙂

In Transition

If you happen to be stopping by right now and this is the top post, then what you’re seeing is probably a mess. I’m in the process of changing the layout so it looks funny but check back soon for something new 🙂

A Few Changes

It’s that time of year again…. well, I can’t really say again. Afterall, December 16th was the one year anniversary of Yes, it was that day that I thought to myself, “Self, what the heck, you too, can have a domain”
And I think now about what i’d have done with the hundreds of hours I spent trying to make something-insightful look moderately decent.
So what I should say is that it’s that time of year where I try to spruce things up a bit on my site. And it was going pretty well too. I upgraded wordpress though you probably can’t tell. (I had lots of help on that, Thanks Dottie). I also am trying to convert everything over to using stylesheets but i’m failing miserably. It’s supposed to make things easier but at the rate i’m going it would be easier to make my cats stand up and dance. So for all my babbling about changes, you’ll probably not notice any of them. And that’s okay.
I do have hopes of making a new layout with pictures that I took myself but right now i’m just looking for the perfect picture. Maybe by next Christmas 🙂

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