Shameless Hinting for Comments

I check every day to see if anyone has left me a comment. I have to approve comments manually because if I didn’t, I’d have excessive quantites of links to online casinos and porn. So the other day I deleted over 70 spam comments. Not one from a person who wanted to say something to me. Sooooo….. come on readers (all 3 of you) say something!!!
I’m waiting!

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3 thoughts on “Shameless Hinting for Comments

  1. Dottie

    LOL! I do swear that I check your site almost every single day. I just don’t always say that I’ve been here… 😉

  2. Dan

    <shameless response to hinting for comments>
    I finally checked out your site — I like it! Keep up the good work — and be careful not to get too dependent on the ol’ Dr. Pepper: turning to drink instead of facing life only delays the inevitable let down (or at least an unscheduled caffeine-induced trip to the powder room).


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