Ok I just really liked my old banner better so I fixed it up by adding a Quotes link and went back to the original. I think I just like the colors better. Orange and Blue only really go together beautifully when they are accompanied by the head of a gator and are surrounded by football fans.
And now that several days have passed since my last post i’ll update by saying that of course I finished reading Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince mere hours after getting the book (like, less than 36) and it was incredibly well written, probably her best (which is really saying something) but it was also very sad. Since not everyone is nuts like me and has read the book yet, I won’t say anything else.
Oh and I’ve decided that if Oprah was to ever interview JK Rowling, I would give my liver and kidneys, use of all limbs and my first born child to be in that audience.
If you think i’ve had too much time to think about this, you are correct.

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