Not your standard bio… here’s “Me, By the Numbers”

1- I lived in one house for my entire childhood. My mom still lives there. I’ve lived in 6 different places in 3 different cities since then.

2- The total number of Bs I received on all combined report cards from 1st through 8th grade. I never got any lower than a B until my Senior year when I got a D in French, probably because by then I had given up on learning the language completely. The two elementary school Bs were in PE because I was so off the charts short that I could not make a basket during the basketball unit.

3- My age when I started taking piano lessons. At my first recital I didn’t actually play a note. I got up, did my bow, sat a the piano, put my hands in the correct position, go up, bowed again and sat down. And it was supposed to be that way.

3.5- The number of years it took me to complete college. I could have finished in 3 actually but I went an extra semester so I could have one more football season and thus one more year in band. It was probably the most exciting 4 months of my life. Turns out I should have stayed a few more years. Real life is a lot less entertaining and a lot more hard work.

4- The number of children I hope to have someday.

5- The number of piercings I have in my ears.

6- The number of school years I have taught

7- The age I was the first time I got braces. I ended up having to get them 4 separate times total. My teeth are still crooked. The orthodontist thought I wasn’t wearing my retainer so he cemented one to my teeth. My teeth moved anyway and broke the thing right off. Eventually I told him I’d just live with the crooked teeth.

8- My favorite number as a child. Seriously. I had a thing about 8s. I used to ask my parents to rock me “until the next 8” which I had discovered bought me more time being rocked. When Andrew was born on 8/17/08 I was excited because of all the 8s in the date.

9- The age I was when I had lost all of my baby teeth. I guess this is pretty young because I was the first in my class to lose them all. In fairness I did have some of them pulled.

10- When I was in 10th grade, then President Clinton came to my school and since I was in the band, I was one of the people who got to play “Hail to the Chief” for him.

11- The number of unsuccessful attemps before getting pregnant with Andrew.

12- The typical number of students I have in my class.

13- My age the first time I traveled without my parents.

14- I really can’t think of anything for 14 so I’ll say this: I have traveled to 7 different states for the sole purpose of attending a football game. My love for Gator football knows no bounds. I bleed Orange and Blue.
Oh now I have one for 14: The number of times I read Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire– my favorite of the series.

15- My age the first and only time I went to Europe. I went with the children’s choir I performed with for several years and while there we did an impromptu performance at Notre Dame cathedral which I still think is one of the neatest things I’ve ever done.

16- I can’t think of one for 16 either so here’s my last random thing. A few years ago when we were living in New Jersey, Andy made friends with someone on the White House Advance Team who invited us for a private tour of the West Wing. We got to see parts of the White House that most people never get to see and it was incredible!

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