A Few Changes

It’s that time of year again…. well, I can’t really say again. Afterall, December 16th was the one year anniversary of something-insightful.com. Yes, it was that day that I thought to myself, “Self, what the heck, you too, can have a domain”
And I think now about what i’d have done with the hundreds of hours I spent trying to make something-insightful look moderately decent.
So what I should say is that it’s that time of year where I try to spruce things up a bit on my site. And it was going pretty well too. I upgraded wordpress though you probably can’t tell. (I had lots of help on that, Thanks Dottie). I also am trying to convert everything over to using stylesheets but i’m failing miserably. It’s supposed to make things easier but at the rate i’m going it would be easier to make my cats stand up and dance. So for all my babbling about changes, you’ll probably not notice any of them. And that’s okay.
I do have hopes of making a new layout with pictures that I took myself but right now i’m just looking for the perfect picture. Maybe by next Christmas 🙂

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