Let’s Do 52! Growing Up

Once upon a time, in those days before I had children, my concept of busy was 3 loads of laundry instead of 2 (TWO! Can you imagine?!?!) or needing to vacuum and swiffer the floors. Gone are those days.

But that’s okay, life is more exciting now too! So it has been a busy week. Busy as in — hurricane Monday, work, Andrew’s first day of school, A on a business trip, more work, a birthday party, 2 kids with bad colds, church, the usual household chores, and finally a day off today. In honor of labor day we decided to plant a garden in our back yard, something we have been waiting to do and planning to do for several years now. The garden gets its own post. This one is about Andrew.

Mother’s often lament how they don’t know how their children grow up so quickly. It’s like you blink and BOOM they are off to school and talking to you like, you know, real people. It’s scary. But what’s particularly eerie for me is how much Andrew is JUST LIKE HIS DADDY. The way they walk, their facial expressions, their verbal expressions (oops), their analytical way of looking at the world around them just to name a few. It went without saying that anything we did to prep for the garden would include Andrew, after all it was his pestering kind reminder of our promise to make a garden that got this whole thing kicked off in the first place. So there they are– my boys– out in the garage sawing things. Using hammers. Being MEN. And I’m not ready for that, but it’s darn cute anyway!

As for Andrew’s first day of school, it was a tad bitter sweet seeing him go off to school and not look back. I felt so proud of him. He remains to be one of the, if not THE youngest child in his class and yet there are no tears or problems separating– not when there are things to learn and friends to play with! The day stood in stark contrast from the first day of school last year when we were all exhausted, bewildered and carrying 8 day old Allison. I’ll take this start over the other! I hope he has a great year!

Andrew’s First Day of School

What a contrast from last year!

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