Life With Two

Andrew started 5 day a week full day preschool when Allison was 8 days old. I don’t remember all that much about those first 7 days but I know I wasn’t on my own—A took off work the first couple weeks. Most of his holidays were days that A also took half days and then last week we were at the beach. So what this boils down to is this- I have just experienced my first week with two kids all day long with no help.

I guess the fact that I didn’t think about it until now explains what a non-issue it turned out to be. But I did make a few observations.


1)   Kids will only start sleeping in until 10am if they have a little sister who negates this awesomeness by waking up at 6am.

2)   Having two children at home at the same time means this house will, without a doubt, never be straightened up ever again. I have hopes for the new house with playroom but this one is a lost cause.

3)   The clean up song only works in preschool classrooms.

4)   I had better find paints in bulk since Andrew already used up his entire paint set in just 4 days.

5)   Big brother is about 1000 times more entertaining to little sister than mommy or daddy.

6)   “Mommy, let’s make cookies” needs to be followed by “Andrew let’s go for a walk” otherwise I’m going to get extremely fat.

7)   I will never be caught up on laundry simply because a certain little person doesn’t believe that you can return to the same clothes after swimming that you were wearing before swimming.

8)   It’s a lot easier to simply turn off the TV than I thought it would be.

9)   Trying to exhaust an almost 4 year old is along the same lines as me trying to out drink a frat boy—it’s an impossible endeavor that might make me die trying.

10)                   Never underestimate the entertainment value of a 5-cent bouncy ball.


11)                  I am exceedingly blessed to have two kids who make me love my days and miss them when they go to bed at night. Who keep me company when we’re out and about and who never fail to make me laugh.

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