The Gators own the college athletic world!

In 364 Days, one school has accomplished the greatest feat of all time– capturing 3 National Titles– Basketball, Football and Baksetball. Is there any doubt what school that could be? Nah, it’s UF. Of course, “We’re not conceited, we just really are that good.”

Last night the local news did highlights in Gainesville where it described that the police department had already “greased the light poles” to prevent celebrating students from climbing up the poles and hurting themselves. Now, only a school that has won 3 national titles in the last calendar year would even think to do something like that. How freakin’ awesome can you get?

I’ll have to say, the feeling of pride only gets bigger and bigger. I only wish I was still there celebrating out on University Ave. with all of the students but I’m celebrating with the Gator Nation instead!

The most pleasantly shocking news of the evening is that people are now calling this one of the greatest sporting achievements of all time! OF ALL TIME! It doesn’t get any better than that!

So what has become a trend in this blog…
GO GATORS! 2007 National Basketball Champions, 2006 National Football Champions, 2006 National Basketball Champions! Congratulations, from the proudest Gator Grad around!

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