Half Way

I was reminded today that I haven’t updated in quite a long time. It’s always surprising when I talk to someone who reads because in my own mind, no one reads. But I figured, June 1st, might as well 🙂

I often think I do my best thinking in the shower. And this evening a thought came to me. May/June 2010. The benefit of hindsight. I’ll explain.

You see, there were a lot of things happening 3 years ago now, but three big things happened that I felt, at one point or another (or many points) would never happen. May 2010 I graduated with my Master’s degree. After 3 years of working mornings, nights, and any time in between, I completed UF’s web-based degree program in Educational Technology. A program that I somehow accomplished despite being pregnant for 5 classes, having a baby for 6 classes and working full time through the whole thing. I remember thinking when I started that I would never actually finish. Yet somehow I did. And my son was there to see it which was my proudest moment of all.

Three years ago, May 2010, we decided to get serious about baby #2 and I started taking meds thinking it would be a one shot thing like it was with Andrew. But no. It wasn’t. Meds, shots, procedures, prayers, and a lot of times when I felt Andrew would surely be an only child. And yet I have my sweet baby girl. I remember holding her for the first time when she was seconds old thinking I was living in a dream.

Three years ago, June 2010, we took the biggest plunge of our lives. We met with our homebuilder and commissioned the first of what would be 8 rounds of blueprints. The land we wanted initially fell through. The mortgage we initially tried to get fell through. And the entire process was so riddled with issues I thought time and again that we would never actually live in the house where I am now typing this blog posting.

You could just say I’m a negative person. You could just say I needed to have some faith. But in the end, none of these were simple things to accomplish and goodness knows the odds were stacked against us for at least the last two things. It made me wonder, what in my life right now am I doubting? And what can I do to see it through to the end? I think we can be our own worst enemy sometimes. We hold ourselves back. How are you holding yourself back right this very moment? What will you be thinking about three years from now? Food for thought.

In the mean time we reach a half way of sorts. It’s June 1st so I figured it’s time to update my resolutions list. I’m also 21 weeks pregnant which is sort of half way (I do pray it’s half way and nothing too dramatically more). I suppose at some point I might consider writing about my pregnancy and experience with losing one of our twins but now is not the day. I think I will at some point if for no other reason than to memorialize a child who did exist, whose heart beat next to mine and whose sister, God willing, will one day know she had a twin, a twin sister, who will always be a part of her.


The resolution list is…. going. I haven’t done much sewing (although I have a project in mind for Allison’s big girl room!) and have yet to find a good location or night to photograph lightning but I’m hopeful sometime this summer I can make it work. I have however, done GREAT on my reading goal of 40 books. I’m also really thrilled to say that in my classroom, 7 out of 9 kids achieved the goal of 100 points which is COMPLETELY awesome! The kids only need 40 points a year so this is huge!!

Here’s my book update: I’m just going to list everything from January 1st on. I am absolutely loving the YA Dystopian/Post-Apocalyptic fiction genre. Last night my friends and I were discussing how we are totally over the typical adult romantic boy meets girl type books as well as the completely smut filled 50 shades-ish books. They are fine now and then but I love the escape into these completely different, yet often familiar worlds filled with strong young characters who are more focused on saving humanity than getting in bed with the cute guy. So that’s the trend you’ll see on this list. I also read Cloud Atlas (before even knowing it was a movie) which is on the BBC List of 100 books to read before you die. Challenging read but ultimately I enjoyed it a lot.

1. Sarah’s Key- Tatiana de Rosnay
2. Something Blue- Emily Giffin
3. Under the Never Sky- Veronica Rossi
4. Through the Ever Night- Veronica Rossi
5. You are Not so Smart- David McRaney
6. Across the Universe- Beth Revis
7. A Million Suns- Beth Revis
8. Shades of Earth- Beth Revis
9. Matched- Ally Condie
10. Crossed- Ally Condie
11. Reached- Ally Condie
12. Cloud Atlas- David Mitchell
13. Partials- Dan Wells
14. Fragments- Dan Wells
15. Proof of Heaven- Eben Alexander
16. Legend- Marie Lu
17. Progidy- Marie Lu
18. The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer- Michelle Hodkin
19. The Evolution of Mara Dyer- Michelle Hodkin

So there we go, almost half way to 40 right at the half way mark but I did this while I was working, now that it’s almost summer I should have no problem getting a lot more reading done 🙂

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And some pictures, which hopefully make up for the lack of 12 in 12 photos.

 photo 2H5A4786.jpg
 photo 2H5A4769.jpg
 photo 2H5A4765.jpg
Enjoying cousins and watermelon on Memorial Day!
 photo 2H5A4740.jpg
Andrew dancing on his last day of school.
 photo 2H5A4731.jpg
Cheese 🙂
 photo 2H5A4721.jpg
True Love
 photo 2H5A4714.jpg
“No Ah-doo!!” (It’s actually hard to get pictures of these expressions because usually she sees the camera and immediately hams it up.)
 photo 2H5A4702.jpg

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