Christmas Madness

I went to the mall today and once I got there I discovered that I would have been better off parking at home and walking. Then I got inside the store and realized I would have been better off parking at home and staying there.

It seems like things are crazy earlier than usual this year. It’s typical that when I’m around a massive number of people I tend to get annoyed pretty easily. I like my normal shopping crowd from a regular weekend. Normal shoppers know shopping ettiquette (mostly). Then there are the people who come out once a year like wherewolves during a full moon. They push and shove and grab things like toddlers. I went to JCPenny today against my better judgement and was horrified to find piles of clothing thrown to the floor by people who apparently think their mother works there. How is it that grown adults think it’s okay to make messes like that? Why is it not self explanatory that if you’re going to pull somthing from the bottom of the stack, you should move the top of the stack first?

This year I did most of my shopping online. It has the added bonus of providing you with fun packages by the door every few days. Plus there’s no waiting in line behind a smelly person with 8 children or parking in a different zip code. Nope, just me, my computer and a credit card. I’ll wait until after Christmas to get my mall back.

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