Oh Yeah? You Wanna Support the Troops?

Then don’t be assholes towards their wives. Don’t make us have to send correspondance half way around the globe because you can’t just be a little bit accomodating to us. Don’t Don’t Don’t tell us that unless you have a signed letter and a copy of the “death certificate” that you can’t deal with us.

All I hear is how people support the troops and not the war. I’m first in line to say that myself. I think the war is stupid and pointless and that we were dragged into it under false pretenses. I support the men and women who got stuck leaving their families and homes behind to risk their lives for this worthless cause. I resent the people who say they support the troops but then do nothing, NOTHING to help out the families left behind.

I’ve reached boiling point on the level of frustration that this has caused me. Since day one I’ve had power of attorney which is supposed to be a very powerful document that affords me the right to make any changes necessary while my husband is away. Well so much for that! Most places want you to fax a copy of it to them. Fine. Then they want you to wait 7-10 days for it to process before they can talk to you. I don’t particularly like waiting on hold for 20 minutes but 7-10 DAYS? Are you kidding me? Then some people just talk to me like I’m stupid or something. It has nothing to do with power of attorney or military, it’s just that I’m a woman and that somehow makes me stupid or vulnerable. I have a degree from one of the top universities in the country. I resent that unless the phone call comes from my husband it probably won’t get taken care of. So there he is, 10,000 miles away, making phone calls asking for and receiving the same exact thing that I called for.

So you want to say you support the troops then prove it. Next time a military spouse needs something don’t make them jump through 30 hoops for it. Don’t make it impossible for us to use the document that was put in place to avoid this exact problem and for the love of God, don’t treat us like we’re stupid. We’ve got more brains than you and our backup is certified in shooting the M-16.

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