Pet Peeve of the Day

You know how sometimes you’re looking for a place to park so you find someone who’s walking to their car?
You follow them and they proceed to walk at a snail’s pace. It could be 110 degrees out or perhaps raining a small hurricane but they will go as slow as humanly possible. Then they have to dig through their inevitably large purse to find their keys which were really in their pocket all along. Finally they get in and sit down behind the wheel but before starting the engine, it is absolutely imperative that they pay their bills, balance their check book and solve the problem of world hunger before actually backing out of the space. In the mean time you’ve been sitting there pissing off everyone behind you because not only are they not getting the space but they’ve been inconvenienced by having to sit behind you.
Finally, you pull into the parking spot…
Only to find that another one 2 feet from the door opened in the 20 minutes you were waiting for the one half way down the parking lot.

I swear this should be illegal!

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