Let’s Do 52! Determined

Rather than calling this a week late, let’s consider it on time and call it a day, shall we? Okay great!

Thanksgiving 2012 will very possibly go down in history as my most favorite Thanksgiving to date. That’s really saying a lot I think since I’ve always loved Thanksgiving (great food, generally celebrated by all Americans, giving Thanks which we should all be doing everyday anyway). This Thanksgiving was the first in our new home and from the very first time we ever talked about building, we dreamed of having holiday gatherings at our house and having enough space so everyone could be comfortable. Well, I think it was everything we hoped it would be! A prepared an incredible meal, our family was there (not everyone but lots of ’em), games, lots of laughing and babies everywhere!

Last Thanksgiving, Allison and my niece Lana were too young to enjoy or let their mommies and daddies enjoy the day but this year they were right in the thick of things. Allison, with her milk protein allergy, was pretty limited in what she could consume from our butter laden meal. I offered her a plate of turkey and green beans as well as a roll. I put her in her high chair right next to the table.

And she wanted nothing to do with it.

So I tried offering her the old standby- Cheerios but she fussed and squirmed until finally I let her down to play with the other kids. Off she ran…

… straight to the kids table where Andrew had abandoned his plate of Thanksgiving goodness. She shimmied her way on to the chair, grabbed his fork, and before any of us could really do anything to stop her, she proceeded to devour his mashed and sweet potatoes.

You make your mashed potatoes plain, without butter, cream, or milk right?

Yeah, us either.

There comes a point where you know that while she shouldn’t really have it, there wasn’t much we could do to stop her that wouldn’t involve a massive tantrum. Why should she not get a taste of what everyone else was eating? She was trying to tell us what she wanted from the confines of her high chair while listening to the rest of us talk about how great the food was. Then, when left to her own devices, she crammed more food into her mouth than I thought possible probably knowing that her time was limited. Oh did she ever enjoy it!

Oh did her poor face break out the next day. Oh my. But since this isn’t a life threatening allergy I think we did the right thing. One thing I know for sure, don’t stand in the way of something my Allie wants!! This is one determined little girl and for that I am very Thankful!

From our family to yours, Happy Thanksgiving!

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