Slow Down

Given my past history of posts you might be tempted to think this was about driving.
But it’s not.

It’s about me and life and a little problem I have of multitasking literally everything I do.
And it’s about my attempt to change that bad habit because I was getting to the point where I felt like my brain was spinning out of control and I would soon lose it.
Don’t get me wrong. Multitasking is a fantastic thing. I just think it can go a little too far. For example, when you try to solve problems in your sleep you can’t do either very well and I have a tendancy to do exactly that. I also find that talking on the phone while writing to do list notes while checking email and paying bills tends to get a little tricky.
So I’ve made a promise to myself to start slowing down a little and perhaps even enjoying things now and then. I started this weekend and I am proud of my progress:
First, I walked to Starbucks rather than drove. It was a nice day. I didn’t run or jog, I just walked. Then I decided to stay there and drink my coffee. I didn’t bring a book or newspaper or note pad to jot stuff down I just brought money and I’d already spent that.
It occurred to me just how fast I usually eat.
Then I cleaned the entire house from top to bottom.
I did that as quickly as possible.
But then I sat down and repotted plants. I didn’t even turn the TV on. I just focused on the plants. It felt strange. It felt like I needed to be doing something else, too, but I wasn’t.
Then, finally, the true test– sitting down with my new book. No watching TV at the same time, no to do list by my side, no cat brush to defur the fluffballs everytime they walked by me. Nope, just me and the book.
And I lasted this way at least 20 mintues before I couldn’t stand it anymore and had to watch TV, too.
You never know when something interesting might happen in the world!
But hey, it’s progress!

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