Let’s Do 52! Thankful

*Sigh* Late again. And I was doing so well. Until I got caught up in other things and forgot to take my camera out for an entire week. Yes, I didn’t post last week because I literally didn’t have a single photograph from the whole week. Sad.

I could probably do a “Thankful” post every day of every week of the year. I thought about doing the month of thanks posts on Facebook but got so caught up in what I would say I just decided not to. Silly, I guess. The thing is, I’m so immensely thankful for so many things and my kids and my family are #1. By now most people know the story, or at least know something of how getting pregnant isn’t easy for us. I look at them and I’m still haunted by the fear that they would never exist. I am thankful for them every day.

I am thankful for my friends who make life more enjoyable. I’m grateful to be a part of your lives, through everything– the good and the bad. I’m thankful for this new home that we waited so long for. I’m especially thankful for both the opportunity and the resources to make our home zero energy. I feel like now, when we talk about being environmental conscious, we’re not just paying lip service. We’re actually able to do something good. I’m thankful for having employment which for a period of time this year neither of us had. I’m thankful for our health because while colds and coughs and bugs suck, we are blessed with modern medicine and adequate resources to become healthy again. I’m thankful for my faith from the journey we took to Italy at the beginning of the year, to the tests of faith we have experienced recently because I know even in those tests we are on a path created for us by God and if we accept His will and pray for guidance we will be just fine.

But, you ask, Emily you’ve gotten so off topic, what does this have to do with your children and life through their eyes? Well I’m glad you asked that. It’s just that I felt it would be wrong to jump into this photograph without explaining all the other important things I mentioned.

You see lately one of the things that I have been most grateful for, is Andrew’s school. I cannot even find the words to express how wonderful his school is and any of you local readers, I recommend it above all other schools especially in the city. I hope that endorsement, coming from an educator, speaks as highly of the program as I hope it does. In any case, his teachers are absolutely amazing. I know without a doubt that he will be so ready for school next year. His foundation is rock solid and he loves going to school every day. In fact earlier in the week when we decided his cough was too bad to send him to school he cried. Not a tantrum type of cry, but that mournful, deep, aching sadness that he would miss his teachers and his friends.

On Friday the kids performed a Thanksgiving program. Andrew’s class along with another class of the 4s, sang four songs with a bit of choreography/sign language mixed in. It was adorable. Then they feasted back in the classroom. It is a massive privilege for me to see him in his classroom since I am always at work when he’s in school. But it is a thrill to see how he loves the place, how he feels so at home there and how he loves his friends and how they love him in return (except the kiss good-bye from one of the girls was a bit much for this Mama!). You think about school and all the years he will hopefully spend enjoying his time in the classroom learning. There are so many who think preschool is a waste of time but I disagree. I think of all the years spent in school preschool and kindergarten are quite possibly the most important ones. Because without a good solid foundation there is no where to grow. I am thankful his foundation is rock solid and that as each day passes he comes to love learning just a little bit more. As a mom, what more could I ask for?

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