Let’s Do 52! Fleeting

Well here we are. Back to back posts on two completely different topics despite the similarity in style. Life is Fleeting.

Isn’t it though?

Have you ever in your life laid eyes on such a beautiful little butterfly?

Me neither 🙂

For Allison’s second Halloween she dressed as essentially the same creature as her first Halloween only there is a profound difference between a 2 month old and a 14 month old. I couldn’t resist the costume. The butterfly is a symbol of life and as we approach the end of the year (the, ah hem, time of year 9 months prior to both my kids’ birthdays) it calls to mind how desperately they were both wanted. Our two precious children. Two lives we thank God for every single day.

And time is fleeting indeed. Fourteen months has flown by like no other time period in my whole life. I am in awe of both my children but especially right now, Allison is growing leaps and bounds. I wish I had kept better track of Andrew’s vocabulary milestones by time frame. I did keep a list (for a little while) of words that he said. It was around 200 by the time he was 18-20 months and I stopped. I feel like Allison is ahead of where he was at this stage and that is truly saying something. My kids are not perfect. My kids are not the pinnacle of brilliance. But holy cow my kids have some mean language skills. I often wonder what will happen when they are both talking full out. I might never get to have a conversation with my husband ever again. Ha! I’ll take it though 🙂

So here we are, Week 45 (a day early) and mere weeks left in the year. It has been truly something chronicling our year so far, a real gift in a sense. I have been forced to reflect and examine, to observe and explore, to test myself and my technical skills and essentially force personal growth. I haven’t decided yet if I’ll continue this project next year but in this fleeting time in our existence at least I’ll know I have one year, 52 snapshots… of us.

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