Let’s Do 52! Just Because

I’ve tried to tell a story of life in our family. I tried to tell it through the eyes of my kids but it quickly evolved into my interpretation of life for all of us. This week was a pretty “blah” week in our lives. Work, school, feed people, clean up, sleep, repeat. That’s life in most people’s homes I think. We eased into the two working parents transition but now we are full speed ahead. Day after day and sometimes it feels like we’re just keeping our heads above water to keep everyone fed, dressed and moderately happy.

I had wanted to spend today getting the house in order, cleaning, washing clothes, taking care of the pool, doing all the things that we never feel like doing during the week and little Miss Allison decided napping was not nearly as fun as watching Mommy and Daddy. I was trying to figure out a way to clean and occupy her at the same time and then it hit me– don’t miss this. Put the mop down and sit on the floor and play and enjoy. Work will be there later. The house will just get messy again. But before we know it the kids will be too old to want to get down on the floor and play picnic with us and those days will be gone for good. I hate that people always tell you that it goes by too fast with this sense of regret and urgency. I have always felt like I have been able to enjoy my kids through all their stages and not miss those special moments– sure there are times I would love to have back but I don’t have regrets. That was until today when I felt that cliched sense of urgency and importance. That “don’t blink or you’ll miss it” kind of sadness. And I grabbed my camera and I just watched her play, her bright blue eyes sparkling as she toddled around the room, exploring and discovering and displaying genuine happiness expressed through giggles and brilliant smiles. That’s when I remembered that everything else can wait. I won’t get these moments back. I devote myself to the here and now and sometimes grab my camera and take pictures… just because.

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