Let’s Do 52! Friendship

Once upon a time, not terribly long ago, there were two families. The families were friends who lived near one another and attended the same church. The families shared a unique connection by being God Parents to each others children. Way back when, one mom gave birth to a little girl. Three months later the other mom gave birth to a baby boy. The two children and their collective siblings grew up together even attending the same schools at times. The boy and the girl graduated high school in the same class. They grew up and moved apart but the families still remained friends and over time the two families decided they were really more like one big God Family.

Our little fairy tale happens to not be a fairy tale at all. It’s better– it’s true. These days it is unusual to find families that remain close over the decades. So many things pull people in so many different directions but when friends become like family those connections can’t so easily be broken. The little boy is now a grown man, serving our country in the Army. The little girl, well, if it wasn’t apparent– that’s me. I remember finding out that D’s wife was expecting a baby. It took me about 2 seconds to do the math before I realized that we were due at almost exactly the same time. Our babies were born only 3 days apart from each other!! Talk about timing!! No pressure kiddos but you’re a bit destined to be friends! Allison met O for the first time today. We posed the picture to be similar in style to a picture taken long ago (which I can’t find! ARGH!) I wish I’d had my regular camera but was left with only my iPhone. It doesn’t matter. This picture is special. This is the start of a life long friendship. One which I hope someday they will look back on and realize just how lucky they are. Here’s to a new generation of family friends.


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