Why fsu And miami Are Wusses

Ah, it’s that time of year again! College football! My Saturdays are now booked until Christmas. Afterall, there is always a game to watch!

So tonight miami and florida state open the season by playing each other, a courageous feat if you ask any of the fans of these respective teams. I myself am left with the daunting task of deciding which team I’d rather see have it’s ass handed to it. It’s quite a tough decision. I have again reached the conclusion that the best thing for everyone would be for a giant hole to open in the center of the football field and have both teams (none the wiser to the potentially disasterous outcome of such an action) dive headlong into the dark abyss never to be heard from again. Yeah, that’s what I want to see happen.

But I digress. These teams are doing little more than saving their own asses by playing each other so early in the season that the outcome will be a mere memory by mid October. Everyone knows that the early games count for next to nothing. Especially not this one.

Florida opens it’s season with two no name teams and then heads up to the rather unfriendly town of Knoxville (a place, incidentally, where I once met a woman in overalls and missing more than half her teeth who, when asked a question replied “oh honey, I don’t read. They also do not have arm holes in their rain ponchos but again this is beside the point). Florida is faced with a division battle that makes or breaks the chances of an SEC title. miami and fsu, playing in different divisions, lose essentially nothing but a little pride that will be more than made up for after 10 weeks of stomping the other wussyass teams in the ACC. Why not try playing some real teams and playing them at the END of the season where a loss will dash any hopes of a run at the BCS. Try playing Georgia at the end of October or even taking on fsu in the final game of the season– that’s when it really matters!

Go Gators!

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