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It’s birthday central around here! It’s also back to school central. So between those two things I’ve gone through about 18 pages of to-do lists over the last week. We’re one party successfully in the memory book with one to go.
I usually try to mentally plan out my pictures for the week and think about possible opportunities. So I figured this week’s picture would be a birthday picture. But as you can see, it isn’t anything of the sort.
Andrew turned 4 on Friday. How 4 years have already passed is beyond my imagination. I seriously remember every last detail of the day he was born, sometimes I think even more than Allison’s birth which was only a year ago. I wanted to make his party awesome. He’s been asking for a “Jake” (as in, “Jake and the Neverland Pirates”) party for the last 364 days so I did my best to make it happen. My friend told me I put all this effort in to the party for me and I gave that a lot of thought. Then Andrew told me on the way home “Mommy, my friends and I had a BLAST!” And I was certain– no, I did this for him and hearing that made every second of time spent planning completely worth it.
In any case, we came home after the party, he opened his gifts and the cousins were playing. Well what do you get when you have 2 one year olds (well, almost) and a bowl of cheerios? Well a mess of course! Allison and my beautiful niece Lana made short work of the bowl of cheerios. Within a few minutes I questioned why I bothered with the bowl in the first place. They sat so nicely and gobbled them down. At one point Lana even started feeding the cheerios to Allison. It was quite possibly the cutest thing I have ever seen. I am without a doubt certain that no matter what, Allison and her 23 days older cousin will always be the best of friends!

Lana is feeding Allison

Who needs a bowl when you can eat off the floor?

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