A Fair Ride

You know what I think? I think there should be some sort of large lighted mechanism on every vehicle to indicate what kind of driver you are.

Not what you were expecting from today’s post? Ha, well i’m sleep deprived and that’s when my brain works in the most mysterious ways so hear me out…

Every car has a number and a plus or minus sign. So if you’re a nice driver and you let people in, give your courtesy waves and in general are a decent human being, you get “plus” points. If you suck and are an asshole driver, you would get minus points. Every time you cut someone off, became selectively blind to people who wanted to merge into your lane or showed someone the finger your number went down. Bet that would be fun, driving around with a big giant “-326” on your car. Good luck finding someone to let you in with that one.
Because seriously, I am a nice driver. I let people in whenever I get the chance. But sometimes it just seems like i’m doing more than my share of the niceness. If I could look up and see the Pope with “+2718” wanting to merge into my lane, i’d be the first to let him in.
I bet he’d give a nice courtesy wave.

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