Let’s Do 52! Rebirth

This is the day the Lord has made, let us Rejoice and be glad!

I have been waiting a long time for this day, the day Allison was baptized! I remember the joy of watching Andrew’s baptism and was upset that we waited so long for Allison’s. I purchased her gown in Assisi, Italy, in a tiny dress shop across the way from the church of St. Claire. It was a beautiful, cold, rainy day and the group was moving quickly and we had been given instructions not to make any stops. I saw the dress in the shop window but knew there wasn’t time to go in and make a purchase. Completely agitated I couldn’t focus on what our tour guide was saying. I decided to go back on my own and was later joined by our group leader and friend. I bought the dress and watched as the tiny Italian woman carefully wrapped it in paper. I can’t express the thrill I felt knowing how special it would be for my baby girl, and hopefully future children and grandchildren, to wear it. The two of us set off back up the steep hilly road, not another soul in town. I remember that walk. I remember that day. I remember the joy that burned like a fire inside me. Then a couple days later, during our audience with Pope Benedict, I had the gown blessed. And finally the day arrived, for my precious baby girl, my little miracle, to wear her special gown and be Baptized into the Catholic Church.

Obviously I didn’t take this picture. It was taken by a dear family friend. I love everything about it. Allison didn’t cry at all. When she saw the water, she briefly kicked her legs the way she does before we go in the pool. I think she thought she was going swimming! She seemed greatly amused by the entire ceremony and even gave her own responses (in baby language of course). We were surrounded by family and close friends. I couldn’t have written a more perfect day.

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