Let’s Do 52! Boxes

This is the week.

At least, in theory.

I’m not sure which “we promise this will be the day you move” day we’re on now but I have pretty decent hope that this one really will be it. We’re up to our eyeballs in boxes. Or, in Allison’s case, we have box skyscrapers all over the house. They don’t mind. Andrew has been well prepared for this moment. We have visited our new home so many times it’s like we practically live there already! And as for Allison, well as long as she has Mommy and Daddy (or Em and Dah-Dee as she calls us) then she doesn’t care where she lives.

So the count down begins and I guess this week was destined all along. After all, the last time we moved it was the week of July 4th 2004, and the time before that was the week of July 4th 2003. Guess there’s something about this week!

May next week’s 52 have boxes as well, but God willing, let them be in a different house!

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