Let’s Do 52! Mine

I had a “drop everything and grab my camera” moment today (which should be painfully obvious from the poor lighting and shadowy faces).We had just arrived home and had bags full of groceries in our hands. I was putting things down and noticed that A was just standing there, in a rather odd place, not moving. That’s when I noticed Little Miss clinging possessively to her Daddy. Not wanting to be picked up, not really wanting anything at all, except to stand there next to him and hold on to his pant legs.

After all, it is Father’s Day. Maybe she didn’t make him a father. But she did make him the Father of a Daughter. So I think that’s something. I’m pretty sure, from the moment that ultrasound tech said “It’s a Girl” she’s had Daddy wrapped completely around her itty bitty little finger.

I look at her face and I just see her saying (if she could speak in a language understood by anyone over the age of 1) “He’s mine, got that!?”

Yes, my dear Allison, he is your precious Daddy. And he loves you, more I think, than you will ever know.

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