Pollen and Spring Breakers

I know it’s been a while since I’ve last posted. It’s been a little nutty but it’s starting to calm down. In fact this past weekend was my first to actually enjoy myself and really relax a little. But of course instead of relaxing I’ve been dying of Pollen. You see, Florida is terrible for allergies. Not that other places aren’t but i’ve been told before that if you’ve never had allergies in your life, you’ll move to Florida and get them. Well i’ve lived here all my life and just started getting seasonal allergies in the last few years and let me tell you– it sucks! It feels like the oak trees are physically reaching out their branches and choking me with them, then knocking me to the ground and shoving oak pollen down my throat. To add insult to injury, my car has turned yellow and the weather report says we’ll continue without rain for at least another week (so far we’re without rain for 21 days) Needless to say, it’s not looking good.

Furthermore on this lovely rant, I have decided that I really dislike spring breakers. Let me rephrase that– I dislike people who come down here from all over and act like it’s their God given right to act like a lunatic. Unfortunately SOME people still have to work! But that’s not my real grief. My real issue comes with their DRIVING habits. I was nearly crashed into not once but 4 times on my way home by 4 separate cars of college (maybe high school, too) kids who thought I was going to slow despite that I was already going 60 in a 45! The beach ain’t goin’ anywhere folks!

Sheesh! 😛

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