Happy Valentines Day You Need Your Wisdom Teeth Out

Never schedule a dentist appointment for a holiday.

I was fortunate enough, back in October, to get a dentist appointment for Feburary. “Woohoo” I thought, “Only a 4 month wait!” Of course, at that point in time I was decorating pumpkins for Halloween and watching the leaves change (ok just kidding, they don’t change here). In October, I didn’t associate “3pm on February 14th” with Valentines Day.

So today I got no less than 4 giant hearts of chocolates (I have that effect on people). Lollypops, cupcakes, Nerds, Gummy Lifesavers, and a varied array of non specific “treats” and I didn’t eat a single one.
No really.
Who wants to go to the Dentist and be harassed about the sugar coating your teeth. I was pleased with myself. I knew my teeth were good going in. I knew I wouldn’t get harassed.
I was wrong.
It appears that I need my wisdom teeth out. My arguement of “But I need my wisdom” didn’t fly. I guess he’s heard that one before. I told him I had no intention of having such a procedure performed on my teeth. I told him my mommy said I didn’t have to…
He asked me when my mom became a dentist.
After about 5 minutes of this he finally sighed and told me he’d see me in 6 months. I left weighed down with a new toothbrush and a bag of guilt, not to mention visions of his doomsday tooth scenarios.

So much for my half way decent Valentines Day.

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1 thought on “Happy Valentines Day You Need Your Wisdom Teeth Out

  1. Sara

    I just took my next door neighbor to San Antonio to get her wisdom teeth out. Make sure you get the nitrous (sp?) oxide and you’ll be golden. She laughed for quite a while after the teeth were taken out; plus decided to kick off her sandal and throw it at the oral surgeon…good luck with your teeth!!


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