Happy Valentines Day You Need Your Wisdom Teeth Out

Never schedule a dentist appointment for a holiday.

I was fortunate enough, back in October, to get a dentist appointment for Feburary. “Woohoo” I thought, “Only a 4 month wait!” Of course, at that point in time I was decorating pumpkins for Halloween and watching the leaves change (ok just kidding, they don’t change here). In October, I didn’t associate “3pm on February 14th” with Valentines Day.

So today I got no less than 4 giant hearts of chocolates (I have that effect on people). Lollypops, cupcakes, Nerds, Gummy Lifesavers, and a varied array of non specific “treats” and I didn’t eat a single one.
No really.
Who wants to go to the Dentist and be harassed about the sugar coating your teeth. I was pleased with myself. I knew my teeth were good going in. I knew I wouldn’t get harassed.
I was wrong.
It appears that I need my wisdom teeth out. My arguement of “But I need my wisdom” didn’t fly. I guess he’s heard that one before. I told him I had no intention of having such a procedure performed on my teeth. I told him my mommy said I didn’t have to…
He asked me when my mom became a dentist.
After about 5 minutes of this he finally sighed and told me he’d see me in 6 months. I left weighed down with a new toothbrush and a bag of guilt, not to mention visions of his doomsday tooth scenarios.

So much for my half way decent Valentines Day.

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