Let’s Do 52! Sharing

Meet Bella, my beautiful niece! She may as well be Andrew’s sister since from the time she was born they shared a nanny and spent all day every day together up until Andrew went to school. But as cousins and neighbors (my brother and sister-in-law live only 4 houses down from us) they still see each other frequently and their playful dynamic is simply adorable.

So when Andrew wasn’t following directions in the pool and was sent to have a time out on the chair, Bella came to his rescue offering her company and a bag of goldfish. They sat quietly sharing the bag until Andrew had more than served his time out.
No one understands the quirks and nuances of your family the way cousins do. And I know how unusual it is for Andrew and Allison to have all three of their first cousins living within a couple miles of our home. It’s truly a blessing.

On warm sunny days when the pool beckons, the goldfish are delightfully soggy, and the laughter is plentiful who better to share these moments with than your family.

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