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My baby girl.

My long awaited baby girl.

How can she really be 6 1/2 months old already?How can she really be moving, scooting, rolling and yes even a bit of crawling (backwards) trying to explore every new thing she can get her hands on? Wasn’t I just pregnant?

I think back to all those times when I thought she might never come and that Andrew would grow up without a sibling. At the Air Force Academy, where A went to school they have a “club”. It’s not really an official anything but it is for cadets and girlfriends who are together the full 4 years. It’s called the 2% club because as many couples who start off hoping to stay together, only about 2% of them make it.

Well I guess we’re good at beating odds.

Allison is a 5% baby. Five percent because that’s what doctors told us were our chances of having a baby without some sort of medical intervention.

So when I say I wasn’t sure we’d ever have her, I’m not exaggerating.

Yet here she is. With her ears newly pierced, with hair growing rapidly towards pigtail readiness, and as much pink as we can handle. And oh our hearts! She’s had them not from the day she was born, no from the moment that second line appeared on my pregnancy test. Our miracle.

I wouldn’t call her a crawler yet. But you can see she’s up and rarin’ to go! I’m not ready for it. I don’t want to think my baby is growing up that fast. I don’t want to think that she might be our last because I don’t think either of us have it in us to go through that emotional turmoil again.

All my life I’ve been one of those people who is always looking ahead, always moving and working towards something bigger and better yet now I’m perfectly content holding on to these moments forever. For perhaps the very first time in my life, I’m happy exactly where I am.

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