I love surprise days off. Not that this was a total surprise. I mean, Monday is in fact Martin Luther King Day and I knew I had it off. I just didn’t realize that the holiday Monday was this coming Monday.
And this is comming right when I reallllllly need it. I know what you’re thinking. Poor you, you just had 2 weeks off.
Well pooh to you. I need a day off.
So this morning one of my students mentioned the three day weekend and I thought, “THREE DAY WEEKEND?!”
It was like Christmas!
Only without the stress.
So here is what i’m going to do**
Friday night: Eat dinner out so I don’t have to cook (Oh right, I don’t cook anyway)
Saturday: Householdy things ie: cleaning up the mess which forms at the mere prescense of the husband-type.
Sunday: Church and shopping
Monday: Nyqul induced coma until Tuesday morning.
What a plan!

(And you ask yourself, why did I waste 3 minutes of my life reading this?***)

** Plans are subject to change without notice pending yet unplanned endevours worthy of my presence.
*** Because you love me.

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