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I’m addicted to Pinterest but it irks me that I never think of any of the cool ideas first. Well I don’t know if this is original or not but I was pretty pleased with myself for thinking it up and figured hey, might as well share.

So you want to transport cupcakes for a bake sale and you don’t want them to get smushed but you also don’t want to use your nice cupcake carrier because you are afraid you’ll never get it back.

1.Get a large cereal box and take the bag of cereal out.

2. Tape up the opening.

3. Lay the box flat and then cut off one of the large sides.

4. Line with foil.

5. Insert cupcakes.


(I know they’re not pretty, but that’s what happens when you are icing cupcakes at 10pm.)

The height of the box allows you to stack them without crushing or even damaging the icing. The boxes can also be thrown away after and I don’t have to worry about someone walking off with my $30 cupcake carrier.

You like? Well then, pin this!

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