Mom-olosophy 101

Shortly before I left the classroom for the last time back in June of 2011 I started thinking about my new career as a stay at home mom. The opportunity to take a yearlong maternity leave was a chance for me to really grow as a parent but at the same time, I was scared and somewhat directionless. That’s when I decided to approach parenting the same way I do teaching. I set out making a plan for each day and goals for the week, month, and year. I’ve done a pretty good job of keeping on top of the plan but lately I’ve been feeling like I’m getting lost again. Well, not so much lost as just in a holding pattern, a plane constantly circling the skies unsure of where to land. I spend most nights mulling over the day in distress, wishing I had done a better job. That’s when I realized I needed to go back to my teaching roots. In both undergrad and grad school I had to write a set of teaching philosophies. The most recent version is in my educational portfolio (link on the left hand side of this page). I decided what I needed was to write out my parenting philosophy. Just like in teaching, it is an evolutionary list but it encompasses a lot of the thoughts I’ve been having recently. These are goals I’m working towards and they are a work in progress but here you have it, my Mom-olosophy.

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