Merry Christmas

No political correctness here! Merry freakin’ Christmas. Allow me a moment to get on my soapbox and announce that this whole political correct holiday thing is utter and complete garbage. I’ve not yet talked to one person that actually has a problem with calling a Christmas tree as such. Not seen one person get offended when I wished them a Merry Christmas. Did anyone ever stop to think that the only people shopping for Christmas trees are doing so because they celebrate Christmas?
So where is this whole deal coming from anyway? Why is it that we have such a huge problem allowing people to be a little different from one another. So yeah, some people celebrate different holidays but what, I can’t celebrate mine just because some other people don’t. Some people don’t brush their teeth either, does that mean that seeing toothbrushes in the isle at the grocery store offends them?
Where does it end? It’s fine time that people learn a little flexibility.
While we’re making a fuss over Christmas trees, why don’t we do away with all depictions of homes, afterall it may be offensive to the homeless. And for that matter, I find it truly offensive to see people driving expensive cars, afterall, I can’t afford an expensive car. And what’s the deal with advertisements for low carb foods. Isn’t that offensive to bread? If you really stop and think about it, you can probably get offended by every object, place, person and day known to man.
If we really wanted to, we could do away with just about every holiday because somewhere in America you’ll find someone who doesn’t believe in the celebration. Eventually, when all we’re left with is Groundhog day, someone will wise up and realize that it doesn’t matter WHAT you celebrate but it’s the spirit of the season that counts. As corny as that sounds, some people could do well to remember it.
So i’ll be off, hanging Christmas lights, wrapping Christmas presents, baking Christmas cookies and singing Christmas carols. And in whatever way you celebrate, may you do the same, too.

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