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Nevermind the crack headedness of the previous post. If you’ll just go to your nearest window and look outside you’ll notice that it’s a full moon right now. It is scientifically proven that full moons make children into posessed demons. I know what you’re thinking, “There’s no such study!” But alas, I’m here to tell you that there is indeed scientific evidence of this fact, it’s just that all the scientists have been eaten alive by said demons before they could publish their work.

And for this reason, I am losing my mind. Throw into the mix that next week is Thanksgiving and you have a double whammy. Throw into THAT mix the fact that next monday I have to bake 21 dozen (you read that right) Chocolate Chip cookies with demon children and it’s enough to make grown men cry.

I’ll leave you with my pulling-out-hair quote of the day.
I passed the tests out and the kids were still talking. One started giving out answers while I was standing two feet away. I pull out all the stops ‘That’s it! You’ve left me no choice but to call you parents!’
“um, like, I don’t see any phones in here!”

You see why i’m a little kooky?!

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