Cheap Gas?

I remember when gas was less than $1.00 a gallon. Yeah yeah I know about all you people out there who laugh at my youth while thinking back to the days of 50 cent gasoline, or 15 cent gasoline, or, hell, the horse and buggy days. But back when I first started driving, you could find gas for about 90 cents a gallon. As the price started inching up to the dollar mark, my friends and I would go out of our way to buy gas in the double digits. Can you imagine that, going out of your way for something? Driving somewhere for the heck of it? Not rationing your excursions to limit your gasoline use? Well, as you all well know, gas prices have gotten outrageous [Insert endless and overdone rant on gas prices here]. But today ladies and gentlemen, I’m here to announce that I purchased gasoline for…

[Wait for it]

[Keep waiting]

[Drum roll please] $2.48 a gallon!

It was like winning the lottery. I felt a surge of adrenaline as I pulled up to the pump, it was as though I was somehow cheating the system. Ha-ha-ha, I thought to myself, the other 14 stations on my way home are selling it in the 50s, the ones by my house are still in the 60s, surely, once word gets out, there will be chaos. And so, I filled up my tank for a mere $30. These days, I need my cheap thrills…

I need to save the rest of my money to buy gas.

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