Let’s Do 52! Week 4

Well I intended this picture to be about Allison and to document her first taste of solid foods. In a way it does accomplish that. Unlike Andrew on his first solid food adventure, she did not cry or act surprised or worried. Instead she just accepted the sweet potatoes as though she’d been waiting for them her whole life. Considering how she usually responds to things like vitamins and medicine, I was pretty surprised that she actually liked them! Phew, dare I hope for the possibility that I have two good eaters? It’s probably too early to say (and I probably just jinxed myself).

But when I look at this picture I see Andrew right in the middle of the experience. He has embraced being a big brother like it is the most important job title in the world. The other day he was getting dressed for school and he looked up at me and said, “Mommy?” “Yes,” I answered. “I love Allison.” <cue melting heart> I look at the way she responds to him and know the feeling is undoubtedly mutual.

I think every pregnant woman experiences a moment of “Will I love my child enough?” and then if they become pregnant again with a second child the question becomes “Will I be able to love this new child as much as I love my first?” And even though probably every mom experiences these questions they discover quickly that the answer is unequivocally “YES!” But the wonderful secret that parents discover after that second child is born, is that watching your first become a big brother or sister will make you love them even more deeply. I watch how engaged he is with every aspect of her life, how much he wants to be a part of her new experiences, and how proud he is of her when she does something that she has never done before.  I am touched by the grace and beauty of the simple moments where I am allowed to glimpse a bit of life through their eyes and feel the pure and unencumbered love they feel in their hearts.


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