Let’s Do 52! Week 3

Remember the feeling of your first time riding a real bike? The way the breeze gently lifted your hair and cooled your face; the thrilling sensation of soaring faster than you had ever moved by the power of your own body. Learning how to ride a bike is a good metaphor for life even if it is a bit cliched. Your parents are the training wheels. They help you get started and keep you from falling while you learn but after a while it’s your turn to try on your own. Oh yes, you might fall but if you don’t get back on and try again you might never realize how fast you can fly.

Andrew asked Santa for exactly two things: a shark bike and a marble race. He got both. Both gifts have exceeded his expectations. While our riding today he saw a neighbor he didn’t know– a scary stranger! He took off running, leaving his precious bike behind until the person went in to their house. Then he was “safe” to ride again!


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