A Decent Day (for a change)

After a couple of fairly crap filled weeks, I finally stumbled upon what has been, atleast so far, a pretty decent day. Here’s what happened:

Rolled out of bed late, showered and did my nails. Since it was a professional day I got to wear jeans and flip flops– a REAL treat!. Strolled into work (late) around 8:10 only to find that I was the second person there. I ate a casual breakfast before making a couple copies. I then proceeded to my classroom where I spent the next 35 minutes checking my email. Around 9 I wandered down to the teacher’s lounge for an exceptionally laid back meeting. If there had been recliners, they would have been reclined. The meeting lasted about an hour and a half which is damn good for our meetings and the topics were things like, what booths to have at the fall festival and who will be attending career day, nothing stressful there. I then returned to my room to grade a few papers while watching tv. I got hungry part of the way though and remembered I had a fresh bag of goldfish crackers in my desk! (score!) Despite being in no rush to finish, I completed the grading just in time to go eat lunch that was provided by the school. I then taught my coworkers how to use Excel. A fair pain in my ass to put together but the work was completed last night and all I had to do was present it. Since I do this for a living it was no big deal. Just as I was about to wander back to my classroom and watch tv for another hour before going home, I was informed that as long as my lesson plans were turned in, I could leave! Woohoo! On my way out I picked up my paychecks– yes, I got 2 because I work aftercare a few hours a week now and frankly after seeing the check it is WELL worth my while to do so!
But it gets better! On my way home I stopped by the mall and found that the thing at pottery barn i’ve really been wanting but was upset because it was so expensive wasn’t nearly as nice in person so in saving $70 at the barn, I went over to Ann Taylor and spent it there instead!
And just to top things off nicely, I got home to find that the lawn crew chopped down all the nasty weeds in my sideyard that had been growing uncontrolably under the guise of “conservency” for the last few years. Turns out they were, as I knew all along, just weeds! So now I have a yard!
And it’s not even 4pm 🙂

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