Baking Brownies

I’m baking brownies for my kiddos tomorrow (Yes, we have school. Catholic schools don’t observe Jewish Holidays). The treat is a reward for coming in second place in the contest to raise money for the victims of the hurricanes. My 10 students alone raised $424. 76! I find this to be phenomenal and that was only second place! Aside from their brownies they get to wear whatever the want to school instead of the regular uniform. This privledge will be enhanced by the fact that the remaining students will have to wear their uniforms!

So I asked my class when we found out that we’d placed, what kind of treat they wanted. I let them vote between a big candy bar each, chocolate chip cookies, and brownies (had to give them a choice, you know, or one of those boogers would have asked for creme brulee). I made this promise to them early last week. Since then i’ve been getting frequent tips on how to bake the brownies and what the include.
As the request stands, the brownies must have:
Lots of chocolate with fudge on top.
No nuts.
Extra chocolate and
Chocolate chips. (i’m out, sorry)

I am to deliver said brownies with a glass of milk for each kid.
Oh yes, and they may not be burned.

Better go before I burn them… then again I could eat them all myself!

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