Let’s Do 52! Week 1

I so wanted to do this last year when I first found out about it but last year I was newly pregnant and very sick, dealing with a partly potty trained toddler, working full time and surviving with a husband who was traveling more often than not. I vowed to take part in 2012 and was so excited to get started that I’ll admit I took this one a few days prior to the start of the new year.

While my inspirational site Paint the Moon uses weekly themes, I wanted to explore life through the eyes of my kids. I was not the first of my friends to have kids so I got the benefit of learning and preparing myself mentally before they came along. There was a time when I wasn’t sure I was ready. My best friend told me that having kids makes life better because you get to experience everything all over again seeing it through their eyes. That really stuck with me. So here we begin, the first of 52 pictures (hopefully!) Allison stars in the first image. Once upon a time we welcomed the new year drinking champagne but now our bubbles come from bath time. I am reminded of the simple pleasures of life when I watch her face as she enters a warm bath. In the little sink tub, under the watchful care of Mommy or Daddy, life is good.

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