Taking a Stand

I’m taking a stand. I’m writing my government officials. I’m fighting for the minds of children everywhere. That’s right. Something MUST be done!

I’m sick to death of intentionally misspelled words, backwards letters and otherwise unfortunate, poor examples of the English language.

It is simply inexcusable for a school to post on the marquee, “Kash for Katrina”

When did it become acceptable to misspell words just for the sake of making a cheesy phrase? Why is it okay for places that gear themselves towards children, to make intentional errors? Take Toys “R” Us for example. First of all, the letter “R” is simply that, a letter. It leads children to believe that it correctly replaces the word “are” or “our”. Next, and even more infuriating, the fact that the R is flipped backwards on the Toys R Us sign. Would it be so detrimental to sales just to make the letter correctly?

Then we have Kash and Karry teaching children everywhere how to misspell the words cash and carry. Again, would the correct spelling have been so difficult? Would people refuse to shop in a store with a name so commonly spelled?

Perhaps the most obnoxious example of this is when stores use a Z in place of an S or a K instead of a CK. For example, the new computer game that was donated to my class is called “Petz” and a sandwich place I pass on my way home is called “Sub Shak”.

Damn you people! Can’t you freakin’ learn how to spell?

Let me not even approach the abhorrent use of numbers and letters in “netspeak”. It takes longer just to think about what is being said than it would to spell it right in the first place. Let us hereby ban the use of “u” for you, “2” for two or to or too and for God’s sake, “anyone” is spelled A-N-Y-O-N-E and not “any1”!! “Someone” is not “sum1”

I feel as though I may go insane.
Next time you complain about the state of education in this country, look first at the businesses around you.
It’s time to take a stand!

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