Something New

It’s ironic to write this post on Sept 11. Four years ago as we all watched the events unfold it felt, for me atleast, like there would never be another day like Sept 10th. I believed that we’d never get past it, move on, and feel secure again.
Now 4 years later I can say that, yes, we have changed. Things may not ever be the way they were before but atleast we, as a country, have learned to be happy again and move forward with our lives.
It’s ironic that today, interspersed between football games, 9/11 memorial services and random infomercials, that we have visions of Katrina filling the TV screen.
But this time, instead of feeling vulnerable and hated by so many people around the world who, on 9/11, felt American’s got what they deserved, I feel like people are finally coming together.
America was brought to it’s knees twice in the last 4 years but this time people from all over are reaching out and giving. It’s almost as though in some places, people feel we’ve been punished enough. Just look at how much unsolicited money so many middle eastern countries have given to aid the victims of the storm. Then, most touching, are the countries like Sri Lanka and Uganda who gave money in support of the American people. Countries that have nothing to give, still want to show their support of the most recent disaster.

And so, I hope that 4 years from now we are not mourning more loss. I hope that this coming together of people around the world will strenghten and unify us. World peace may be too much to ask for, I would settle for lack of open hostility. If everything happens for a reason, I believe that this is the reason: to bring us back together.

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