A New Day

I fear we live in a new day of infamy.

Nearly 4 years ago our world changed. When one mentions the numbers 9/11 no one questions on which eleventh of September one is referring. And yet, we have a new day. The 29th of August will be remembered this time though, by another name: Katrina. A new day on which the lives lost will be counted in hundereds; where lives changed will be counted in hundereds of thousands. For as we sat watching our televisions one week ago, did any of us presume that today we’d be seeing these images? Did any of us imagine we’d ever witness people hacking through their attics with a axe to prevent from drowning? Did we believe we’d see the dregs of society rumaging through the little remaining earthly posessions of their neighbors? The human race is suffering. Lives are changing. Quickly. Only this time, it was not an event brought on by the lowest of human nature but by the wrath of God.

As I sat watching my TV on Sunday night, I watched a news anchor ask the weather reporter what those who were still left in the city of New Orleans should do. The reporter replied, “get down on your knees and pray.”
I believe this is all we have left to do or we will have more days to remember and more names we wish we could forget.

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