Small World

You know how if you leave for work at the same time every day, you start seeing the same people on the road? Every now and then I see a car I recognize and usually it is because it has some sort of memorable marking or an amusing bumper sticker. Well just last week as I was leaving my neighborhood on my way to work, I saw an ordinary car that caught me off guard because of the licence plate. It was just a normal random number and letter tag except it just so happened that it was extremely close to my own. Both tags were specialty tags supporting the same collegiate team and also, in a string of numbers and letters all were the same except where a number one was instead a three. Ironically this car is also silver and is made by the same manufacturer as mine. And last week wasn’t the only time I saw it. Today I saw the car both in the morning AND on my way home from work. I work odd hours too, teacher hours. Apparently this person who drives a similar car with a similar tag to mine, also lives less than a mile away and works near where I work.
Now tell me, that’s strange isn’t it?
Those are some crazy odds.

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