An Idea for New Moms

When I was planning Andrew’s nursery, I had this idea that I needed tons and tons of crib sheets. We ended up getting 5 of the same sheet. (As it turns out this is completely unnecessary– 2 are needed, 3 tops). So what to do with the extra sheets? Well I asked my mother in law, who can sew anything, to make us a pillowcase out of the extra sheet. Not to discredit her sewing skills but I imagine this is a pretty easy project and one that I might have even attempted on my own were it not for the fact that I knew my mother in law would do a much better job. They don’t sell pillow cases for babies because, obviously, you’re not supposed to use pillows in the crib but Andrew is certainly old enough for a pillow now and furthermore, when we convert to a toddler bed, there will be no need to purchase a new sheet set. Yay! So new or expectant moms, when you purchase your child’s crib set, buy an extra sheet to turn into pillowcases and save yourself from buying a whole new set later on just to get a pillow case that matches!

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