Theories on Harry Potter

Now that i’ve spent the better part of the last 2 weeks rereading the first 5 Harry Potter books of the series, I have a few observations to discuss before Friday at midnight when the 6th book comes out. First, I have to say after reading each book 5 times (10 for Goblet) that every time I read them they are just as good. They get better and better and you really do notice stuff every time you read them. For example: In an early book PoA I think, 5th Year’s get their O.W.L. results before they return home for the summer but when Harry is a 5th Year, he is told he won’t receive his results until July.
Another “mistake” is that in CoS Percy takes points from Ron for being in the girls bathroom but in book 5 we find that Prefects are not able to deduct house points.

And on to theories: Who is the Half Blood Prince?
Well you’ll hear it here first (maybe) My money is on the HBP being either Dudly or Crookshanks. I think Neville is too obvious.
Who will die? I’d like to hope it’s Malfoy because I think Harry should get a break but as that’s highly unlikely i’m going with Hagrid to snuff it. I’ve heard those who think it’s Dumbledore but if it is him i’ll cry. Poor Harry can’t take that.
I also think Harry will be named Quidditch Captain, that Dumbledore is somehow a Phoenix, and that Hermione will finally free some house elves.
And on at last to my Questions to Ponder segment: How do children who grew up in Muggle homes deal with the fact that there is no electricity, computers or (seemingly) something so simple as a pencil. It must be like stepping back in time. Surely, Magic can’t make up for all of those things. Email really is much faster than owl mail. And wouldn’t Hermione’s parents be a tiny bit upset that their daughter no longer comes home for holidays or summer break? What parent would be okay with that?

Don’t forget, you heard it here first!

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