Good Times

If you should ever want to see just how much our world has changed in the last decade, go find yourself an old magazine. Last night at “girls night” we took a quiz from an old YM Magazine from 1996. It took atleast an hour to complete because we had pick apart every single question. For example “What 2 month anniversary gift would totally rock your world?” (2 month anniversary?). One of the answer choices was “something silky and sexy”. Which begs the question… what is an answer like this doing in a magazine intended for young teenages… as a 2 month gift no less? It made me feel old. Very old. Then comes the question about which pick up line you were most likely to fall for. A choice was “Hey I know a place where we can catch a killer sunset.” To which a friend responded, “Never go out with a guy who uses the word ‘killer’ in his pickup line”
And somehow these thoughts never occurred to us when we were younger. Or maybe things really have just changed that much.

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