Random Experiences

Have you ever washed your hair in a bucket?

I know, thats a messed up question isn’t it. Well I have. And I’m here to tell you that its really not fun and that if you are going to do so you should probably use a plastic cup.
Why you ask, would I do such a thing? Well the water at my house is super hard. Like, to the extreme and it was messing up my hair so, I purchased good water and used that instead. Here’s to new and inventive ways to stay beautiful!

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2 thoughts on “Random Experiences

  1. Dottie

    Believe it or not… Not only have I washed my hair in a bucket, I have taken a bath in a bucket. We were at a cow show somewhere in 1997, and the water went out to the bathroom with the showers in it… My sister, mom, and I eventually had enough, so we armed ourselves with buckets, went to the bathroom without showers, and took baths in the stalls. Two people bathed while one person got water out of tap… Good times.. I don’t think we ever went back to that fair ever again.

    We have really, really hard water here too. What I’ve found that really helps is washing my hair once a week in Paul Mitchell Shampoo Three. It’s designed to remove chlorine and impurities, and I *heart* it.

  2. abby

    I too have washed my hair in a bucket..not for beautification purposes, but for the shear fact that the hotel was out of water yet again and there was no way i was going to have dirty hair another day..i do agree, not fun tho!


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