I’m Back!

Ok, its true, i’ve been back for almost a week now. But I can explain… I mean I know how many people count on this site for oh, 30 seconds of distraction from more important things. I’m glad to be of such service to you all. Procrastination is an art form.
Anyway, I was on a road trip. A LONG road trip. We took 11 days and visited 10 states down the east coast. I took almost 500 pictures, some of which will hopefully be up sometime in the near future.
It’s been a little hectic what with the movers coming and dumping 2 tons (literally) of shit (I mean personal belongings) in my beautiful house. Moving should not be a 3 months process and yet somehow I’ve managed to make it so. Anyway, life is approaching normalcy once again.
And by normal I mean, well, you probably know what I mean…

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